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Designed for the future of digital business, Echoworx Email Encryption brings scalability, flexibility and simplicity to encryption. Choose Echoworx to gain access to eight different ways of delivering information you send and receive in email. Or opt for One Delivery Method to meet a specific need. Echoworx also offers Volume Documents for high-volume demands and mass distribution.

How the Echoworx Email Encryption Platform works


Diagram Echoworx Email Encryption Platform Message Flow

Step 1

Email, documents, files, and statements are sent over secure TLS to the Echoworx platform for encryption. All messages flow through existing mail hygiene system. (AV & Journaling)

Step 2

Based on your predefined encryption policies, Echoworx automatically brands the email and notifications using your logos, colors, and templates on a per message basis.

Step 3

Echoworx intelligently encrypts using the best delivery method for the person(s) you are sending to based on predetermined policies, availability of certificates or user preference. Sending all outbound communication over your SMTP services.

Step 4

Protected email and documents are received and easily read by people online, offline, anywhere and from any device. Only Echoworx offers you 8 different ways to deliver secure email, support for 27 languages and 7 authentication options.

What Makes Echoworx Different?

More delivery options

With eight secure ways to send, Echoworx Email Encryption will intelligently determine the best encryption delivery method for each recipient and is accessible anywhere, on any device.

The sender never needs to worry about the encryption capabilities of the recipient; the system takes care of it on their behalf.


Echoworx delivery methods

Echoworx offers eight secure email encryption delivery methods.

Computer, laptop and tablet showing Echoworx customizable branding examples

Maintain a full brand experience for all messages, on any device.

More extensive branding features

Branding throughout your message is available in all delivery methods, and we offer support for 27 languages and a completely mobile-optimized experience.

Localized notifications are customizable and languages can be predetermined, by policy based on sender, recipient, keywords, or other organizational rules.


More ways to authenticate users

Our multiple methods of authentication ensure the right access is granted to the right people. Authentication provided out of the box includes self-registration, authentication through social connectors, passwordless authentication and authentication through your existing portal to our portal.


Echoworx register device screen prompt

Invitation to register for passwordless login.

Computer monitor sitting on office desk displaying Echoworx message tracking report

Echoworx ensures end-to-end visibility of secure message delivery.

More audit and tracking capabilities

With Echoworx, it is simple to view message reports, user reports, and audits including when or how a message has been encrypted, with the option to recall, even after they are delivered.


More country-specific control

Email data protection that doesn’t stop when your data hits a border. Our customer data is stored exclusively at one of our five data centres designed and maintained without compromise for security or redundancy.


Full geographic control, with support for 27 languages, to retain copies of original messages at the source.

Security Assurance & Certification Programs

  • Echoworx is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier
  • FSQS Registered
  • Microsoft Trusted Root Program
  • Apple Certificate Program

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